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What an Adult Lounge Is Not

With the way strip clubs and adult entertainment are portrayed by the media, it is so easy to pass judgment to anyone and anything related to them. Say adult lounge and most people would think skanks and nasty goings-on behind closed curtains.

But, like most things you only heard from someone, the reality may not be as clear-cut as they’re supposed to be. Time to learn some truths about strip clubs and gentlemen’s clubs.

Common Misconceptions about Adult Lounges

Strippers are prostitutes

Sure, prostitution may happen in seedy clubs but strippers should never be associated with the world’s oldest employment option. They dance in skimpy clothes or nude and give lap dances but a client is not even allowed to touch them. Taking them out of the club for a quick romp is also a major no-no.

So you should get it straight, prostitution has no part in an adult lounge.

Safety is not guaranteed

Visit a club and you will see just how safe it is, with burly men manning the doors and ready to kick anyone’s behind should they start acting rowdy. Security staff is there to protect the girls and customers. Cameras all over the place beef up security.

Of course, safety will depend on where you choose to work. In an area where drug and human trafficking are rampant, your safety will definitely be in jeopardy.

Stripping is degrading

It is true that many women, even strippers themselves, think that stripping is not exactly a great career choice. But what many don’t realise is that these women actually have a lot of control in the work they are doing. Can you imagine being the reason people flock to an adult lounge?

Strippers are celebrities in their own right.

They play a role, after all, which is similar to what actors do. But do celebrities feel degraded when they strip in front of the camera to perform a role? So why should strippers?

Clients are mostly creepy, old men

Well, this is quite insulting to consummate patrons who happen to be young, rich, accomplished, and confident. True, some clubs may have old men as a majority of their customers but not all. There are clients aged between 18 and 40 as well.

But age rarely matters in an adult lounge. As long as a customer pays and tips well, they are welcome no matter how old they are.

Still not convinced? You should visit strip clubs and experience them for yourself. Start with the OMFG Adult Lounge where the party and the women are always tasteful.

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