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Want to Score the Hottest Stripper in Strip Club Brisbane? Here’s How

What is the ultimate reason to go to a strip club Brisbane has?

To get a lap dance, of course.


You say no but everyone who goes to a strip club has to have that one wild experience. It’s one thing to watch dancers perform on stage and another to get a private dance.

So you should endeavour to get a private lap dance. If not the first time you hit the clubs, then the next, and then the next one after that.

Whether it’s your first or second, however, you should aim to score a lap dance from the hottest stripper in the best strip club Brisbane has to offer.

How do you achieve this?

Wrap yourself nicely

You must look the guy who is willing to spend money on strippers. So wear your best and dress nicely if not expensively.

That suit in your closet will bring strippers right to you. And you won’t need to work very hard to get their attention.

3 words – dress for success.

Take your time

The first pick isn’t always the best one. Spend time to see all the dancers before you make a selection.

Watch them perform on stage to get a good idea on how the private dance will go. Once you find the stripper that cranks the hot metre, make your next move.

If she happens to be performing on stage, walk right up to the stage and leave a fat tip. Make sure she sees how much you’re tipping. If it is more than worth her time, she’ll walk right up to you.

Let the fun begin.

Ask about the price

Right off the bat, ask how much a lap dance will cost you. Don’t be that guy who ends up disappointed after a titillating show because you think you’ve been conned.

So before you head back to the private dance room be upfront about pricing. Iron out the details beforehand and make sure there are no hidden charges. Asking about the price is also one way to know what to expect with what you pay for.

Nothing personal, just business

A strip club Brisbane has is all about making money. So even if you feel giddy with the thought of spending time with your favorite stripper in private, don’t get carried away.

Strippers are there to create an illusion and make you feel good but it’s all part of the job. All those sweet nothings that they whisper in your ear are just that – sweet nothings.

So how should you react with all the flirtation and seduction?  

Have fun.

Savour the moment.

And when the dance is over, tack it as one unforgettable memory.

To ensure that nothing untoward happens like you getting the boot, remember:

  • No means no. Don’t even force the issue just because you’re a paying customer.
  • Your private parts stay private. No need to boast about them even if you have every reason to.
  • Ask. It never hurts to ask. Ask for consent if you want to touch the dancer, take a picture, or buy her a drink.

Take heed and your experience with a stripper at a strip club Brisbane has will be smooth sailing.

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Amanda Griffin
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