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Top 5 Reasons to Book a VIP Room in a Gentlemen’s Club

If you’re wondering if it’s worth booking a VIP room dance, you should give it a try and find out. You should remember that what a friend of yours has experienced may not be the same one you’ll have when you set foot in a gentlemen’s club.

Even if you hit the same strip club, there are plenty of factors that will make or break your night. It is possible that you will get lucky with the stripper you hire or that you will go in when prices are at a discounted rate. This will make every penny you spend worth it.

But there are some things you should know about a VIP room dance.

What to Expect from a VIP Room in a Gentlemen’s Club

  • Extra bucks to shell out

To get a private dance and a one-on-one encounter with a stripper, you need to pay more than what you would in a public lounge. You are paying for a high-end room and your very own dancer, after all. The exclusivity you get is prize enough.

  • Extra time to enjoy

Since a dancer is not rushing to the next customer, you can spend as much time with her as possible. If you don’t want to pay another lap dance, you can just sit, relax, and talk. Some strippers are quite good at listening to whatever you want to talk about.

  • The good stuff

A gentlemen’s club is known for carrying only the good stuff – food, booze, and women. Imagine what you’re going to get if you book a VIP room. So, make the most of the opportunity and opt to have the best bottle of wine or the most delectable treat in however form it will be served. If you know what I mean.

  • Quieter, more sophisticated atmosphere

It’s not a VIP room if not tastefully and elegantly decorated, with every detail well thought out and taken care of. It is mostly muffled, giving you the quiet and relaxation you’re looking for. No need to shout to be heard either.

  • More than just a lap dance

Blame it on how strip clubs are portrayed in movies and the media, but many believe every form of debauchery happens inside. Not exactly. In fact, some businesses are built within a strip club, mergers finalised, and deals sealed. Golf clubs are not the only place where business persons talk shop.

In a VIP room in a gentlemen’s club, you will get served in a personalised way and be provided with everything upmarket. Why not book one for yourself and indulge in the whole experience? Just make sure the strip club you choose has 5-star quality and has rules for your safety.

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